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What is the Source From Yiwu Experience?
Discover the Yiwu Market and Navigate the Secret Sourcing Marketplace 
For Many Top Amazon Sellers With Your Own Private Sourcing Agent!

When it comes to sourcing products for Amazon, the Yiwu Market in China is one of the best places to source for small wholesale commodity items. Yiwu is located in the Zhejiang province and is commonly said to be “a sea of commodities, a paradise for shoppers.”  

Source From Yiwu is THE ONLY TRIP
that will offer Amazon sellers the chance to discover the Yiwu Market guided by their own

Why Do I Need My Own Agent?

Yiwu marketplace can accommodate 70,000 booths spread out over 5 districts. Picture a 5 block long, 6 story tall shopping mall. Our agents live and work in Yiwu full-time and will guide you through the market each day.  

Benefits of having our own sourcing agent. 

  • Procure & Consolidate Orders / Samples
  • Coordinate Logistics
  • Coordinate Product Modifications
  • Coordinate Payment to Suppliers
  • Investigate Product Certifications
  • Seek Out New Product Offerings From Suppliers
  • Negotiate Fair Prices
  • Help Customize Packaging
  • Inspect Goods at the Factory
  • Significantly reduce time and costs 
  • and much much more!

Other trips offer you a “translator” while you are in the market and “access to" one sourcing agent to help you get the items you find delivered to you later. But that agent won’t guide you through the market everyday and certainly can't spend 3 days with each participant establishing on ongoing business relationship.

The “translators” most trips offer are young girls studying to be primary school teachers. They have No business experience and many have NEVER been to Yiwu! All of our agents are fluent in Mandarin and English and as importantly FLUENT in business and in the Yiwu market!

In the Yiwu Marketplace, you need more than a translator. You need a professional sourcing agent. One agent per seller. No need to share with 40-100 other sellers, no struggling to explain business to an up and coming school teacher. You get your own agent and the next most valuable team member in your growing Amazon business.

A Good Sourcing Agent Is a Necessity For Every Amazon Seller! 

They are your eyes and ears on the ground. Finding you new products to sell, making modifications that help you stand out and be noticed. Overseeing packaging, inspection and shipping!  No more endless hours searching through Alibaba wondering which vendor you can trust and waiting months for each overpriced sample to arrive!

Let us take you to China, and introduce you to YOUR OWN HAND SELECTED, PROFESSIONAL SOURCING AGENT who has been specifically trained in meeting the needs of Amazon sellers!  Spend 3 days in the Yiwu Marketplace, where top Amazon sellers secretly go to source thousands of products a month.  They will expertly guide you through the market, find the products you are looking for and help you negotiate, price, packaging and modifications.

Spend 3 days sourcing your items and building a substantial business relationship with your personal agent so they understand your needs and wants!  They are yours to work with going forward, becoming a valuable addition to your team that will help you grow and scale your Amazon business!  AS PROFESSIONAL AGENTS, THEY WORK ON A COMMISSION BASIS, SO THERE IS NO EXTRA FEE FOR THEIR SERVICES WHILE YOU ARE IN YIWU.

We have hand selected full time professional agents and educated them about the specific needs of Amazon sellers.

This is the trip for serious sellers 
who want to learn how to source directly from China 
and build relationships that will help them 
grow and scale their Amazon business
  • Perfect For New Sellers as we will be covering everything you need from product selection to listing optimization. 
  • Perfect For Seasoned Sellers who want to learn the hands-on experience of sourcing in China and find the next most valuable member of you team, your own sourcing agent. 
  • No More Wasting Countless Hours scouring through Alibaba! 
  • No More Paying Exorbitant Fees to get multiple samples shipped individually to your house! 
  • No More Waiting Months for that sample to arrive only learn it bares little resemblance to the photo on the Alibaba ad! 
  • You will leave China with your own agent, who can source your future products, negotiate reasonable sample costs and collect them to ship out in one shipment. 
This Trip will save you countless hours and hundreds of dollars!
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What Can An Agent Do For You?
- Procure your orders 

- Collect the items from You Ordered From each vendor
& Arrange Shipment

- Coordinate Payment to Manufacturers

- Coordinate Logistics

- Oversee Modifications

- Oversee Package Customization

- Negotiate Lowest Prices

- Inspect Your Goods at the Factory

- Investigate Certifications

- Source Future Products For You 

- Collect and Send Samples of Future Products

and so much more!

What's Included In The
"Source From Yiwu" Trip?

  • 4 Nights at a 5 Star Hotel  (Breakfast Included)
  • Your Own Android Phone with SIM card & WiFi Hotspot 
  • Daily Q&A Breakfast Sessions 
  • Masterminds with Top Amazon Sellers and Marketers
  • Individual Meetings with Packaging Company Reps, Product Photography Studio Reps and Logistics Company Reps
What's NOT Included?

  • Airfare and Transportation to and From Yiwu City
  • Train Tickets 
  • Taxi Fares to and From Airport and Train Stations
  •  Meals (other than breakfast)
  • Any Private Transportation or 'Excursions'

Every day from 3pm – 6pm we will have tables in the conference room staffed by representatives from local Logistics Companies, Packaging Companies, and Product Photography Studios. They will meet privately with individual sellers. You can bring a sample of your product and find custom packaging solutions and leave one of your samples with the photographers to get inexpensive Amazon ready product shots. You can also come without a product and learn about the various services the companies offer and all about shipping and freight forwarding from the logistics representatives.

How Can We Offer This Amazing Trip 
at Such A Low Price?
For one thing, we aren’t spending money on advertising.  If you found this link, it is because someone in your circle thinks you are a serious Amazon seller who they know will benefit from learning how to source directly from China and in finding a sourcing agent.

Because this is our inaugural trip, we wanted to attract serious action takers only. The investment you are making is less than half or even one third of what others sellers charge and we intend to provide triple the value! 

A professional agent can help you find deals in Yiwu that will blow your mind. I personally found an item in Yiwu that I sourced on my own for $6.75. My agent found the item for $2.91 with my own customized high end packaging included! Deals like that are not unusual. That means I would have paid for the cost of this trip with one order of 1000 units!
No one else is offering vetted professional sourcing agents to each and every participant.  
We can. Our group will be small, firm cut-off at 40 participants. It's not about us making as much money as possible, it's about helping you get in the game and if you’re in the game, helping you scale your business to a whole new level.

Topics for the Mastermind include:

  • In depth product selection issues and logistics demystified
  • Product Listing and Product Launching
  • Tips and tricks from Top Amazon Sellers and Cutting Edge Marketers about the latest in Crowd Search&Click, PPC and Keyword Research
  • How to find and use Virtual Assistants to successfully outsource your Amazon Business

Additionally: Mentors will be available throughout the day so you can get your individual questions answered, or run your product selection by a top seller.

 Who are the Trip Leaders?

Elena Saris

Elena Saris is a full time criminal defense attorney who still manages a successful private label Amazon business. She specializes in helping new and novice sellers find profitable products and scale their business to include multiple SKU’s. She has been in ecommerce since 2014 and has made repeated trips to the Yiwu marketplace.

Simon Chan

Simon Chan has lived in China for many years. He has sourcing companies in Yiwu and Shenzhen and is an expert at sourcing from China and working with Chinese suppliers. He is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.  Since joining ASM he has trained his agents to work specifically with Amazon sellers so they will understand our unique issues and needs.
 Who are the Mastermind Mentors?

Angel Silva

Angel’s two passions are music and entrepreneurship. He has been in eCommerce since 2014. He has traveled extensively through China and the Philippines. He has made repeated trips to Yiwu and the Canton Fair as well as Trade Shows in Hong Kong. He has visited several factories in China as well. He specializes in helping Amazon sellers get the most out of fairs and trade shows and teaches them how to find products and negotiate with suppliers.

Ron Tager

Ron has been in eCommerce full time since 2014.  His previous career as an executive in the airline and international freight forwarding industries led to his expertise in shipping and logistics issues. He and his daughter run a successful Amazon business combining private label with other models such as retail and online arbitrage. Ron has traveled to the Philippines to train Virtual Assistants and excels at training Amazon sellers in how to best find and use Virtual Assistants. 

Join us in China, and we will introduce you to YOUR OWN HAND SELECTED, PROFESSIONAL SOURCING AGENT who has been specifically trained in meeting the needs of Amazon sellers!  Spend 3 days in the Yiwu Marketplace, where top Amazon sellers secretly go to source thousands of products a month.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the dates of the trip? (NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED)
New dates to be announced.
How do I sign up for this experience?
Simply click the SEND ME MORE INFORMATION button to reserve your spot.  REMEMBER Space is limited so be sure to sign up today!
What hotel are we staying at?

Yiwu Marriott Hotel (Tentative)
188 Futian Road 
Yiwu Zhejiang 322000 China  
Map & Local Area

What if I need my VISA, Passport, Etc.?
You must have a valid passport and Visa to come with us to Yiwu. After registration, you will be granted access to the member’s area where we have posted valuable resources to assist you.

What airport do I fly into?
Fly to Yiwu through Bejiing (PEK) or Guangzhou (CAN). Plan your return flight for early on October 1st. We do NOT recommend flying into Shanghai and taking the train, as the return journey on a Saturday it will be difficult to get a train ticket back to Shanghai. 

What do I need to bring?
After registration you will be given access to a members area where this will be discussed in depth, for now, know that you will be WALKING A LOT, so good shoes are a must! Some sellers like to bring a small extra suitcase for samples and souvenirs.

What if I have additional questions, prior to the trip?
We will be communicating with you via email updates at the email address you provided during registration. We will be posting regularly in the members area. If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can email us at [email protected]

REMEMBER Space is Limited 
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